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Dimer: a molecule formed by two identical simpler units, called monomers. gene: a segment of DNA which contributes to the function or form of an organism. Genes mostly work by coding for protein. heterozygote: An organism that carries two different alleles of the same gene.. Fats are an important part of all cells, and a major source of fuel. lipoprotein: a particle which combines lipids and protein. The proteins allow the particle to dissolve in water, which means that the lipid can be transported in the blood stream. LDL, HDL.. In the following sections we will examine AiG's claims more closely. Are Apolipoprotein AI-M dimers of restricted usefulness? In the AiG page it is stated: "One amino acid has been replaced with a cysteine residue in an enzyme that normally assembles high density lipoproteins (HDLs.. By Copyright 2003 Posted:, Revised 6. May Links updated: Version 1.5. Introduction: Glossary allele: one of several possible forms of a gene. amino acid: a small organic molecule used as a building block for proteins. apolipoprotein: the protein component of a lipoprotein. apolipoprotein AI (Apo-AI..

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So we can see that Apo-AIM dimers are not restricted in usefulness, and do form fully functional HDL particles. These Apo-AIM dimer HDL particles are more stable than Apo-AI HDL particles ( 9 and are better than Apo-AI HDL particles at stimulating cholesterol efflux (.

Indeed, as Apo-AIM HDL particles are more effective at promoting cholesterol removal from cells, one could reasonably claim that there has been an increase in specificity. However, is the antioxidant activity of Apo-AIM non-specific? Antioxidant activity is possessed by a number of small molecules, but.

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